Cooperation between film crews and the neighborhoods in which they work is an essential component to both healthy neighborhoods and a thriving industry.


Production crews are charged with distributing a written notification of filming activity three business days in advance of permit start times to the affected neighborhood. Ideally, this requirement gives the neighborhood time to communicate concerns to the production before cameras roll. Each notification letter provides details and contact information for the proposed activity in the area.


As the first point of contact in the Portland Film Office, the Portland Film Liaison works with film, television, commercial and photography crews to coordinate permits and provide local contact information. The Liaison does not directly issue permits, but may direct productions to city bureau contacts who issue permits for Portland parks, parking reservation, street closure, noise variance, etc. If you have specific questions about film-related permits from city bureaus, please contact us.


We do our best to monitor commonly filmed locations and the impact of filming in those communities. We work with productions to ensure that crews are courteous and respectful guests in your neighborhood; however, we realize that filming activity may prompt concerns from the community. If you have comments or suggestions about how the film industry conducts business in your neighborhood, please let us know.

The Portland Film Office strives to minimize the impact of film crews on local residents and businesses. We also facilitate contact with neighborhood and business associations before a film shoot begins so that these community organizations are made aware of filming activity and can help identify community concerns before production begins.