Why Portland?


Why Film in Portland?  Funny you should asK...

Page on website; links to all assertions, google maps, ecdev studies, crew base, hotels and cost of living
"in-kind incentives"
"The Portland Stack" Recruitment stack
Local crew - no need to pay for hoteling
Tier one crew depth
Locations in our region
Local infrastructure
Public/City support
Your locations determine your budget, travel costs money and Portland negates that travel expense
Comfort level
Real Estate
Negation of travel premium
(Inecntives in bold & clear & forefront)
"Film where your movie is set"
Create recruitment checklist - is your movie set here?  What are your needs?  Have you filmed here before? Who are you bringing with you?
Hotels, restaurants (soft sell)
Crew - below the line/above the line
Maintain your production & creative goals w/Portland
Execute your vision arm-in-arm with a partner
We'll make your financing comfortable
Two hours from LA
We look like SE Asia, England, Alps
Same timezone as LA = seamless production and Creative work in a day
Proximity to PDX airport
Special events calendar - Rose Festival etc for reference
Add/link Sara/Crofton's site to PFO site
Create PDF version of website/resources
Add production resources page: car rental, home depot, airport(s), hotels, retaurants, etc
Success breeds success - film here because other film here too
Safety: Portland is a safe place to film
Instagram - locations of the day
Twitter-stalk location managers w/barns - LA LM's like it
Ability to involve Mayor & Bureau Directors
Stable incentive allows for multi-year TV productions with clear rules
Creative drives locations; financials in Portland work as does local infrastrucre
Film friendlies - PDX is friendly to film; we welcome you and have elected support
Yes we charge you fees but we re-invest it back into the local industry (show where their dollars go)
Local product placement = financial offset
Cobble together a financial/creative stack
Portland works Creative & Financial; Logistically too
We have hotels that discount & airlines that upgrade
"We're perfect for car commercials" (experience, crew, infrastructure, locations, processes)
"We can say yes, we're faster, we can deliver hard." (Deliver what you promise)
Two hours from LA
"Pet Friendly Hotels"
Reduced fees for small crew in parks; reduced fee for B Roll
Financing: Solve for Production's budget woes: travel costs, tier one crew, warehouses/real estate, savings, local crew/key staff, incentive that
neutralizes travel cost premium
Make the incentives clear & bold
Local news - oregonian, tribune, WWeek, Mercury
Local hotels
Deficit reduction - your budget can be maximized here
Public support gives multiyear stability for TV
Ease of use
Here's ten people who did shoot in Portland: testimonials
Speak to fast turnaround times for commercial projects
Three circles of ven diagram - Costs, Quality, Ease of use:
-Costs (affordability is king)
-Quality (locations, below the line crew)
-Ease of Use ( Turnaround time; previous use)
Dry Cleaners, shipping, restaurants, hotel data