Why Portland?


Portland solves the creative and Financial needs of your production.  Here's Five reasons why:


    1. Financing: Solve for Production's budget woes: travel costs, tier one crew, warehouses/real estate, savings, local crew/key staff, incentive that neutralizes travel cost premium.  "Portland solves your travel premium for shooting on location."
    2. Deficit reduction - your budget can be maximized here
    3. We have hotels that discount & airlines that upgrade.
    4. Your locations determine your budget, travel costs money and Portland negates that travel expense
    5. Negation of your travel expenses - savings from hiring local and local prices.
    6. No sales tax in the state of Oregon.
    7. Our state tax incentives (in bold & clear & forefront) -
    8. We'll make your financing comfortable
    9. Yes we charge you fees but we re-invest it back into the local industry (show where their dollars go)
    10. Reduced fees for small crew in parks; reduced fee for B Roll
    11. Our B Roll database can take the edge of your bid.
    12. Filming outside of Portland?  You can still use Portland vendors:


    1. Locations in our region - we've got snow, desert, ocean, and urban all within 90 minutes.
    2. If your show is based in Portland then film in Portland - don't cut corners.
    3. We look like SE Asia, England, Alps
    4. Our locations are better than other locations.
    5. Portland is a safe place to film.
    6. "We're perfect for car commercials" (experience, crew, infrastructure, locations, processes)
    7. Local & Unique - Local news - oregonian, tribune, WWeek, Mercury
    8. Local infrastructure - we have X sq ft of soundstages, x sq ft of warehouse space available, X camera houses.
    9. I-5 creates opportunity for filming with city skyline prominent
    10. Helipad

    Ease of Use

    1. "We can say yes, we're faster, we can deliver hard." (Deliver what you promise)
    2. Someone you know has probably filmed here before.  Here's ten people who did shoot in Portland: testimonials.
    3. Fast turnaround times for commercial projects.
    4. Same timezone as LA = seamless production and Creative work in a day.  Two hours from LA.
    5. Comfort level - Portland is a cozy place for you to film.
    6. Real Estate - we meet your needs for locations, housing, production offices, and studio space.
    7. Local hotels, restaurants, dog hotels, dry cleaners, lumber, shipping, car rental, airport(s), data - Portland is home away from home. (Add production resources page)
    8. Proximity to PDX airport - Get to where you need to be in this region fast.
    9. You've probably filmed here before - do it again.
    10. Special events happen here, make it a part of your story.  (calendar - Rose Festival etc for reference)
    11. Success breeds success - film here because other film here too (testimonials, etc)
    12. Film friendlies - PDX is friendly to film; we welcome you and have elected support
    13. "Pet Friendly Hotels"
    14. Your Creative and your Financials work here in Portland.  Creative drives locations; financials in Portland work as does local infrastructure.  Maintain your production & creative goals w/Portland.  Portland works Creative & Financial; Logistically too.  (Create PDF version of website/resources)


    1. Tier one crew depth - we've worked on shows for NBC, IFC, TNT, Netflix, & HBO.
    2. Local crew - no need to pay for hoteling.
    3. Crew - below the line/above the line
    4. Post-production - LA quality at Portland prices.
    5. Locations with Sleater Kinney, Real Estate with the Dandy Warhols, economic development with Dag Nasty

    Public Support

    1. there is long-term investment in your project and in the surround ecosystem here.  
    2. Execute your vision arm-in-arm with an active public partner.  
    3. Ability to involve the Mayor & our Bureau Directors.  
    4. Stable incentive allows for multi-year TV productions with clear rules.
    5. Public support gives multiyear stability.
    6. Our film permits are discounted at 50% of their comparable construction, parks & parking counterparts.
    7. The Film Office is in place specifically to make your work in town as close to frictionless as possible.


    1. Ten Best Locations
    2. Next Ten Best Locations
    3. Google maps (Robert Smith to populate me a map)
    4. EcDev Studies (
    5. Locations (Reel Scout)
    6. Real Estate
    7. Stages
    8. Hotels
    9. Portland at a glance
    10. (Links to all assertions)
    11. Crew base (
    12. Instagram - (locations of the day)
    13. Comparative production costs to Seattle, LA, Brooklyn, etc. (lumber, etc.)


    "in-kind incentives"

    ("The Portland Stack" Recruitment stack)

    Local product placement = financial offset

    Cobble together a financial/creative stack

    Three circles of ven diagram - Costs, Quality, Ease of use:

    -Costs (affordability is king)

    -Quality (locations, below the line crew)

    -Ease of Use ( Turnaround time; previous use)

    (Twitter-stalk location managers w/barns - LA LM's like it)