The Portland Film Office fills these roles:

Permitting liaison, policy & outreach

 The Portland Film Office is a bridge between public and private entities. We support production groups by facilitating their path through city bureaucracy, and we act as the city’s internal industry expert to protect public interests on behalf of multiple city bureaus. While we do not issue permits directly, we provide inter-bureau coordination of permitting needs and guide neighborhood outreach. We also monitor public policy and proposed legislation that affect the film and video industry, collaborating with our state partners as needed. 


DrivING economic development impacts

Portland’s film industry has demonstrable job creation and economic impact. Direct in-state spending in 2014 totaled an estimated $136 million, and as technology plays an increasingly larger role in film and television production, Portland sees significant growth in related fields - - animation, game development, visual effects, and digital media. Thus the Portland Film Office seeks to foster an environment that allows Portland’s film industry to prosper and offer new opportunities for Portland residents to work within the industry, creating middle wage jobs that benefit the local community. 

HighlightING the
Portland brand

Portland’s film industry showcases Portland to the world as a place to visit, to work, to do business. The Portland Film Office partners with Travel Portland and the Oregon Film Office to promote local filming locations, taking advantage of the city’s biggest asset: its natural good looks.