Most City of Portland permits are time, date and location-based, which means that you must provide the date, hours and exact location of your intended shoot on your city bureau application. Please read and follow instructions on applications below.

How to Pay: All payments for PBOT and Parks permits will be made through Derrick Roberson in the Parks Customer Service Center. You can pay by phone by calling 503-865-2377, or in person at 1120 SW 5th, First Floor. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.

Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), Traffic Division
Parking Application
B Roll Application
Sidewalk/Street Application

UPDATED Parking, Street, & Sidewalk Permit Fee Schedule 2019

More Information:
Contact: Allison Madsen, Traffic Engineer/Film Liaison

To apply for permits to film on city streets, sidewalks or to reserve parking, please fill out the PBOT ROW/Parking Application for Film/Photo Projects and email to Brian Lord at the Portland Film Office:  Permit requests must be submitted AT LEAST THREE (3) DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR SHOOT. More lead time may be necessary depending on size and location of shoot. 

The Film Office will review your application for all necessary information to ensure expedited processing; your permit request will then be submitted to the Portland Bureau of Transportation for review.  Please note that permits are time, date and location-based, so providing all information requested on the application is essential for speedy processing.  Please feel free to copy or add additional pages to the application if needed.

When your permit has been approved, permit fees may be paid by phone (with Visa or MasterCard) by calling 503-865-2377; or in person at the Portland Parks & Recreation Customer Service Center at 1120 SW 5th Avenue, 1st Floor in downtown Portland.

Most permits require that three (3) days prior to your shoot, you must distribute a letter of notification to the residents and surrounding businesses in the area.  More information on this permit condition here: Notification and Permit Conditions for ROW

All Street, Sidewalk and Parking Permits are issued with the condition that proper notification, barricades, signage, and flaggers are obtained and properly set up by the production.  More information on these requirements here:  Notification and Permit Conditions for ROW

Film activity is also limited during holiday and Portland Rose Festival events, so please see moratorium map or contact the Film Office for more detail.

If you are applying for Parking Reservation for no more than three block faces and no more than two locations, you may obtain a parking permit through the City of Portland's Parking Permit Center. Please note that this parking permit's fees and procedures differ from the PBOT parking permit described above.  More information on this permit option here.

Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) Portland Parks Film Permit Fees and Conditions

More Information:
Contact: Derrick Roberson
Ph: 503-865-2377

To apply for a permit to film in a City of Portland Park, fill out Parks Permit Application and submit along with application fee to Derrick Roberson.  Please note that PP&R permits are time, date and location-based, so providing all information requested on the application is essential for expedited processing.  Also note that application fee doubles if you submit less than three (3) days before your shoot.

All Portland parks listings and amenities can be found here.

Clarence will work with PP&R supervisors to determine if your requested park space is available for permitting and will facilitate any special accommodations for the shoot.  Once permit is approved, use fee is payable to Clarence and permit is issued to the production. 

Permit fees may be paid by phone (with Visa or MasterCard) at 503-865-2377 or in person at the Portland Parks & Recreation Customer Service Center in downtown Portland at 1120 SW 5th Avenue, 1st Floor.

To help determine ownership of buildings or other property in the city, please use our Portland Maps tool.

To use:

  • type in the property address or intersection

  • choose "Assessor" tap from the toolbar (located above property address on summary screen)

  • determine owner from "Owner's Name" field

More Information:

  • If Owner is listed as City of Portland, contact Pauline Goble by
    emailing or call 503-823-6018.

  • If Owner is listed as Prosper Portland, please contact the Portland Film Office.

  • Allow no less than 5-7 days for processing building or property lease agreements.

Contact the Portland Film Office if you have difficulty determining property ownership, and we'll do our best to help.

Contact Portland Police Bureau (PPB) or Portland Police Association (PPA)

Officer hires to drive PPB vehicles and/or to help direct traffic:
Annie Lamb
Portland Police Association
1868 N Lombard St
Portland, OR 97217
(503) 225-9760

For use of Precinct Property:
Kim Garcia
Police Facilities Manager
(503) 793-8642
Due to federal law filming in a City-owned building occupied by Police varies on a case by case basis.  Please allow extra time for review and approval.

Officer hires to drive PPB vehicles:
Contact:  Sgt. Erin Smith, PPB
(503) 823-2221


Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Noise Control Program
Submit noise variance application at Noise Control Office at City Hall.

More Information: Noise Control Office website
Phone: (503) 823-7350

If production will be operating outside the hours of 7AM - 6:00PM, a noise variance will likely be needed. 

In addition, a noise variance permit will likely be needed for activities above normal decibel levels such as:

  • Explosions

  • Car crashes

  • Loud generators

  • Gunfire

  • Helicopters

The office is located at Portland City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 110 (Monday-Friday 8AM -5 PM).

If you have questions, contact the Portland Film Office.

Portland Fire & Rescue
Paul Reyes
Hazardous Materials Inspector
Portland Fire & Rescue
Fire Prevention Division
Office 503-823-3934
Cell 503-209-8375


For information, please contact the Portland Film Office.

Portland Water Bureau
Contact: Aron Anderson,Hydrant Permit Program
Phone: (503) 823-1256