Our goals are to facilitate filming in Portland for productions of all sizes, capture economic impact for the city, promote Portland as a film location, and support the industry’s success locally and internationally.



The Portland Film Office is a bridge between public and private entities. We support production groups by facilitating their path through city agencies, and we act as the city’s internal industry expert to protect public interests.


We seek to foster an environment that allows Portland’s film industry to prosper and offer new opportunities for Portland residents to work within the industry, creating middle wage jobs for Portland residents. 

Photo: Charley Zheng Photography

Photo: Charley Zheng Photography


We answer questions from Portland residents and business owners about on-location filming in Portland neighborhoods.

The Portland Film Office is a collaboration of the Mayor’s Office, Prosper Portland and dedicated resources within city bureaus. 


We are the first point of connection between filmmakers and the city. We help productions navigate permits and procedures and connect with other city bureaus like Parks and Transportation. 


The film office serves both the industry and the city. It demonstrates the City’s prioritization of an industry with enormous economic impact on Portland. Our goal is to provide maximum benefit using minimal resources, so our work approach is to be nimble, efficient, and effective.


The film office fosters public-private partnership, capturing opportunities for filmmaking in Portland and streamlining the public services that support industry work.